One day, after living together for 35 years, my parents finally decided... to get married. I could call it a documentary if they weren't cracking so many jokes. I'll go for 'docu-fiction'.                                                                                                                                More information  →


'Dé-raisons du mariage' is my very-very-debut-film : a 

short docu-fiction on my parents' wedding.

Produced in May 2019 for Some Like It Short, a deliciously surrealistic smartphone-movie minifestival taking place in Prague, Czech Republic. Competing movies must observe two strict requirements: being shot on a phone and lasting maximum 6 minutes and 17 seconds.

Very unexpectedly, I won. My film received the coveted award of the 'Golden Honey Bear', while my parents' outstanding acting performance was rewarded with the 'Golden Lion Bar'.

My dad proudly added that I was 'the best at doing useless things'. Prove him wrong in becoming my distributor! More seriously: if you're a filmmaker and if you can show me a few things, I'd gladly take any opportunity to expand my knowledges.

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